For families with young kids, the end of summer brings about the chance to break in new and better habits and start anew.  School lunches are packed with enthusiasm and to-do lists are all checked off. As nutrition needs remain year-round, however, it’s always a great idea to get in the routine of including nutritional supplements to cover all bases and ensure kids are getting all they need, even if your devotion to daily home cooked meals should wane a bit when times get busy.


Some of the more common supplements available for your child to stay well this school year:


  • Multivitamin/Multimineral – Pediatricians often prescribe one with fluoride in the younger years, but this is always a fail-safe to cover bases, especially for those fussy kids who never seem to accept a balanced menu.

  • Omega-3 Oils – Available in many forms, both marine and vegetable based, omega-3 oils are plentiful in essential fatty acids EPA and DHA and shown to help support keeping the brain focused, which is always great for sharp attention in school.


  • Vitamin C – An age-old classic and potent antioxidant, vitamin C helps ward off cold and flu season and all the germs that come with back-to-school time frame.


  • Vitamin D – Shown to support the health and strength of the bones as kids grow, as well as the immune system.  Chewables and gummies make it super easy for kids to accept vitamin D.


  • Probiotics – Most often found in yogurt-based foods and drinks, but also available in powders, chewables and fizzy tablets for kids. Easily mixed into breakfast cereals or liquids, these may help support immunity and healthful digestion, and prevent uncomfortable constipation.


For those making family decisions, be sure to always read labels for potential allergens and dietary restrictions. As needed, many options are now free of gluten, dairy, gelatin, etc. With regard to doses and frequency, your pediatrician should be your source of guidance about appropriate levels for your children given their age and size.