The spring coming up inspires many people to establish a resolution to improve themselves, in some way. These goals are often nutrition related, including things like improved eating and food preparation, plans for weight loss, more regular exercise and taking vitamins. Come summer, however, those self-made promises are often times long since forgotten.


Organizing Nutritional Goals


Even with the best intentions, plans can fall by the waist side unless they fall naturally into your daily routine. This is particularly true of changing nutritional habits, which do require forethought and planning.  

Begin to organize your nutritional plans with these simple steps:


1   Consider Nutrition Guidance, Support, Direction

  • Seek out a registered dietitian or weight loss group and consider signing in for regular follow-up sessions.
  • Ask within your grocery store or your workplace about nutrition resources. Many now have registered dietitians on staff, written newsletters, recipe suggestions, seminars and more. 
  • Review your personal health goals with your regular health care provider. Ask for recommendations for high-value vitamins and nutritional supplements that can help support your health as you age. Follow-through with your local vitamin shop or pharmacist.

2   Design a Plan for Action with Menus, Groceries, Daily Schedules

  • If your goals center around improved food and eating habits, establish what that means to you. Make the effort to plan ahead or it will be next to impossible to carry out successfully.    
  • Perhaps you need to prepare or seek out a weekly menu with new recipes, calorie counts, purchase specific items, select vitamins or supplements.
  • Have a closer look at the menus where you eat out regularly. If better choices are your goal, take a moment at home to review when you don’t feel time-pressured to place an order.

3   Mornings can be Most Productive and Self-Inspiring

  • When the day gets off to a great start, the rest of the day can follow suit. 
  • If your plan includes ramping up your exercise routine, get that plan started with realistic goals. Decide when and how that will happen, and if there are things that need to happen first (i.e., sign up/register, find a buddy, pick up a new pair of sneakers) to make your plan a success.
  • Exercising in the mornings, before everything else on the calendar has the potential for sabotaging your plans, can offer huge rewards.

4   Nutritional Supplements

  • Starting a new regimen takes some organization. Always follow directions on individual bottle labels, but taking vitamins at the same meal or time each day can help establish a routine.
  • Try to anticipate how long your current supply is expected to last. Put a note on your calendar to replenish a week or two ahead of that, as running out is a hindrance to keeping your healthful pattern going.


Activating on these simple steps can help you making resolutions a lifelong change.