We just love that farmer’s markets are on-trend these days, because they give us easy access to some of the freshest seasonal produce available and a tremendous nutritional resource. So many towns – both large and small – across the country now host them with regularity outdoors through the warm weather months, and bring them indoors through the cold stretches, too.


Aside from produce, however, market goers know that you can find a host of other fun items, as well (think: homemade candles, fresh baked goods and handmade jewelry). But did you know that they can also be a central resource for nutritional value – beyond the obvious fruits and vegetables, that is?  Here are a few of the highlights we seek out:


Agriculture – Supporting local farmers and food distributors means access to food that hasn’t traveled thousands of miles to get you, which means both a fresher product and less toll on the environment. Look for flash frozen fresh berries – which can capture their most potent nutritional value; local honey – which has been reported to support seasonal allergies; jams and jellies – which often help people enjoy a wide variety of powerfully nutritious fruits including elderberries, apricots, quince, rhubarb, and more.


Aquaculture – Waterfront towns often have vendors selling fresh fish and shellfish and what a treat to get them fresh from that morning’s catch. We’ve seen fresh trout, salmon, bluefish, fluke, flounder, lobster, clams, mussels, and more. What a great resource for lean protein and a rich supply of healthful polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Health and Wellness Offerings – At a community gathering place like a farmer’s market, the local town’s social and cultural organizers might post residential health and wellness opportunities. If you don’t see any postings, be sure to ask around about things that keep both your mind and body moving such as yoga, dance classes, walking/running/biking groups, motivational speakers, social gatherings, library-sponsored book club meetings, and more.


Local Business – Health professionals looking to increase local awareness of their shops or services may also take a table at the marketplace. Consider having a conversation with a nutritionist, fitness center representative, massage therapist, life coach, etc. You may just walk away with new plans to improve your lifestyle and the inspiration you needed to better yourself.


Vitamin and Supplement Distributors – Often times, the local nutrition center will prepare a display with their latest nutritional offerings, best-selling products, and new item introductions. Ask them about what might be right for you. Perhaps your diet could use a daily multivitamin or dietary supplement.


Now it’s your turn to go look for local Farmer’s Market listings and see what great things you can find.