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There are different qualities of krill oil available that are provided by different suppliers. OCEANO³ uses NKO® which is a superior krill oil. The omega-3s in NKO have been proven to be 2.5 times more bioavailable than fish oil Omega-3.

Not all krill oils are created equal

What makes OCEANO3 Krill Oil so different? Watch the video

OCEANO3 contains Neptune krill oil (NKO®) which is produced by Neptune Wellness Solutions, the pioneers of the krill oil industry.

Founded in 1998, Neptune developed a proprietary exactraction process, offering health-conscious consumers like you a new source of omega-3 supplements - krill oil - totally revolutionizing the Omega-3 Market.

• 2.5 times better absorbed than fish oil

• Clinically proven benefit

• No reflux or fishy aftertaste