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What makes OCEANO3 Krill Oil so different? Watch the video

Krill Oil
VS Fish Oil 

Why OCEANO3 Krill Oil Is More Powerful Than Fish Oil

  • 2.5 times better absorbed
  • Rich in the powerful antioxidant "astaxanthin"
  • Loaded with phospholipids, long known as the Building blocks of life and found in every cell membrane
  • Smaller, easy-to-swallow softgels
  • No fishy aftertaste

How many krill oil softgels should I take per day?

Your body uses Omega-3 from krill more efficiently than from some other sources, so you only need to take one or two small softgels per day. For general health we recommend 500 mg to 1000 mg/day.
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A Better You

The Powerful Health Benefits of Krill Oil

Hearth Health Cardiovascular Health

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Joint Health Joints Health

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General Health General Health

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Brain HealthBrain Health

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A sustainable natural resource

Plenty More Krill in the Ocean

Krill is one of the most abundant biomasses on the planet. It is a food source for whales, penguins, seals and birds that repopulates itself each spring during spawning season.

Highly Regulated Fishery

The krill fishery is rigorously controlled by CCAMLR (Commission for Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources), who sets strict annual catch limits and fishing guidelines.

OceanO3 Krill Oil has been certifed by FOS for sustainable Krill Harvesting. Learn more about Friend of the Sea